It’s so stupid.

Okay, so my little brother isn’t as advanced in reading as the rest of us (me and my siblings). My dad saw his report card today and immediately compared it to my little sister’s. Just because she’s obsessed with being like me (so annoying, really -_-). I’m successful in reading, so is little sis. But HE doesn’t have to be like us, right?

So annoying >_<



Do you need some ice for that BURN?!?

OK, so I was playing My Candy Love episode 13, and THIS is what happened

She’d kissed a guy (my precious Ken TT_TT) without even knowing who he was. What a desperate hag

Amber: “I don’t even have the time to talk to the other new students before you jumped in and became all ‘buddy-buddy’ with them… I didn’t want to take the risk this time.”

Me: “Ok… (Sometimes talking to Amber is like sending signals to outer space; we hope to find some form of intelligence, but we never find any)”


fuck-that-bitch Sorry if this is a bit…erm… not appropriate -^_^-