Reading Blood of Olympus

At the same moment in time, all across the country, maybe even across the world, kids everywhere all said the same word. This word, this name, was said so clearly and vehemently that it caused worry amongst the parents. And they all said…….


And then silence, as they continued to read.

On another note: Rick Riordan’ s new series’ first book, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, is coming out October 6th THIS YEAR. This is on my MUST READ list.


Starve a Cold, Feed a Fever (or vice versa)

I’m sick.

As in staying-at-home-huddled-under-the-covers sick. Everything is hot, so I tried to eat some ice cream.

It tasted warm.

So I made a bacon tortilla wrap on the stove. I ended up putting it on my chest. And there is this consistent pressure behind my eyes that feels like a headache.

I always thought that being sick would be a good way to get out of school…..

This wasn’t what I meant.

Mortal Instruments TV Series

I have good, yet bad, news. It has been confirmed that the Mortal Instruments TV series is starting fron the very beginning. However, this could mean a complete change in cast from the original movie. For all of you who disliked the original cast: this is not the blog for you, so please leave now. For all of you, like myself, who want a supremely vast majority if the current cast to stay: welcome aboard and enjoy the trip.

It was a nice twist that a lot of the actors had accents. I thoroughly enjoyed Jaime Campbell Bower and Kevin Zeger’s roles in the movie as Jace Wayland and Alec Lightwood. Just as well, I enjoyed Robert Sheehan as Simon, Lilly Collins as Clary Fray, and Jemima West as Isabelle Lightwood. Honestly, I enjoyed how all of the lead roles were portrayed, especially Godfrey Gao as Magnus, even though I think that Clary’s naivette was overexagerated.

However the role of the Downworlders was not very well portrayed. For example, none of the vampire Downworlders were given names or significant positions ,there was no reference to the Fae, and the Shadowhunter guarding Luke acted in such a vulgar manner that I was frankly appalled. In the book, I am sure that we would have been able to better identify the “leader” of the vampire Downworlders and surely the Shadowhunter sent to apprehend Luke had more dignity and self-respect than to do what he did in the movie. I do not fully recall the first book, but hope to rectify that situation soon.

Please stay tuned for an update in the series situation.


[Song: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson]

Fifteen years ago on this day, a little girl was born.
She started out innocent and sweet. She found a love for books, fantasy, and romance. She learned about loyalty and perserverance. She learned to trust God in all things. She felt invincible, but, slowly, life caught up to her.
She felt out of place at school: her weight, her style, her accent. She fell for guys a lot (foolishly), made a lot of mistakes, and became a hollow shell. Bleak, dejected, and broken.
Fifteen years ago, that girl wasn’t broken.
Fifteen years ago, that girl was me.

Today, that girl knows that love is truly awesome and awaits her day to walk down the aisle. She tries harder to accept herself and chooses to ignore the judgements of others. She remembers the importance of friends and family. She never lost her love of books, fantasy, or romance. She has a dream to become an author whose books people will fangirl and threaten her over. Because it shows they care. None of this is to say that girl isn’t broken anymore. She still is. But she tries. That girl still craves the attention that her old boyfriends gave her, but she’s willing to wait.

Today, that girl soars.
Today, that girl is me.


[Song: Stolen Dance by Milky Chance]

Homecoming was fun.
Second time that I’ve danced for so much, for so long. My friend Maia started doing her “white dances” and me and my friend joined her. My other friends Kay and Darch looked at me like I was crazy (which I am) but I was just there to have fun.
Funniest thing happened: some guy ran in without a shirt and started dancing around the stage. Principle and a teacher tried to chase him, but they’re, like, old. Anyway nobody in my group got his picture, so me and Mariah are gonna ask around.

Bleak and Grey

[Song: Ghost by Ella Henderson]

As my birthday approaches, I once again contemplate the bleakness of life.
During a moment of depression in my English II class, I contemplated the fruitlessness of life; We live to die; we are born to die; we eat to die. There is an endless cycle of death looming in the distance. So many ignore it and claim to “live in the now.” The truth is this: they throw their lives away for fleeting moments of excitement. I wake up for the fleeting moments of happiness when I’m buried in books. Yet it never lasts. And soon I will pass into another year of bleakness and torture.

Gender Comparisons

[Song: Gold Digger by Kanye West]

So how come guys are always saying that we’re fickle, when they’re exactly the same?

Girl: I like strong, tough men
Guy: Why don’t you go after nice guys?

Girl: I like this guy
Guy: He’s a total dead-beat. Go find a successful guy.

Girl: I like this successful guy
Guy: Dang, girl, gold-digger much?

I just don’t get it. Just like you don’t want us to judge you for liking skinny girls, big booties, or whatever, don’t judge our taste in men.

(For some reason, I keep falling for the popular type of guy who’d never give me the time of day *sad face*)

New Year

Me: Ah… 2014, I think I like you… Mind sticking around for a while?

2014: Ohh…. as flattering as that is, I must be off. My time is up.

Me: What? Wait, what? But I just started getting used to you. You can’t be over already!

2014: *poof*


Me: ………


Me: …..traitor

2015: Aw,cheer up! I’m here now, and I’ll be the best thing to ever happen to you. I’ll make you gorgeous. We’ll start with basic workouts *babbles on about excercise*


Me: …….Oh, dear God, why?

[Moral: never trust any year that tries to make you do workouts]