A Different Kind of Poetry

I came up with the idea of integrating my own words between lines in a song. Any part of the song, placed anywhere. I hope you like it. *ahem* (Song taken from: Story of Us by Taylor Swift)

Now I’m standing alone
I want to be near you, yet
In a crowded room and we’re not speaking
Ever since the first day,
We’ve stood on opposite sides of the tree of life

And I’m dying to know
Is it killing you like it’s killing me, yeah?
Tormented by my strong feelings for you,
Yet fearing those same emotions

I don’t know what to say
I linger silently over the note you gave me,
Never revealing anything

Since the twist of fate
I bite my lip whenever you laugh at me,
And hold my breath when you hold my eyes

When it all broke down
My stone wall of emotions crumbling under that gaze
And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now.


Eyes of jaded sparkling gold;
A smile of melted silver;
Hair that reminds me of a breeze stirring the great oak;
A laugh that draws me in like a siren in the sea;
A presence like a best friend;
A crowd like a celebrity;
A personality like my fiction heroes—
You pull me to you like a magnet.
Yet when our eyes meet
I look away.
I speak to you in my thoughts.
Oh, how many times I’ve sighed when you call my name.

A Poem from the Heart

My Recent Dreams

[Why do I always end up on this topic?!]

I am freaking out.
I revently had a dream about the person I like. The week before and a while back I’d also dreamed about him, although I can’t remember those dreams now. And last semester I had a really vivid dream where he saved me from falling from one of those climbing ropes (weird, right? I was exercising!). I called him a cutie in the dream which is what my brain and heart practically scream at me whenever I see him even though a better description would be charming or hot. Anyways, I was just freaked out because I’ve never dreamed about one person more than three times before. Except my family, but that explains itself.


A struggle each day
With my emotions and feelings;
A fight to express
My words and thoughts.
Many wonder why I’m silent,
Yet they never ask.
All it would take is one simple question:
“Would you like to talk about it?”
And the dam would burst forth.
But no.
Fifteen years I have sat silent.
Silent I will sit more.

A Silent Song [Poem]

Female Character Reactions

From my Recent Reads, I’ve come to realize that female characters in paranormal, sci-fi, or fantasy novels have a set niche of reactions that have been used so much that they’ve become cliches. It’s sad, really, that these fully grown women don’t have as much sense as a introvert teenager. Let’s review these types, shall we?

1] The Screamer: I am no feminist. By all means, female empowerment and all that, but the guy has to make the first move. And in all honesty, when a girl finds out that this person that she has known for a while is a supernatural being and starts screaming and running, I kind of get ticked off…. just a little bit.

2] “Are you going to kill me?“: This is quite possibly the most annoying female type out there [as well as the most annoying question]. A good case scenario is a girl who was just locked up in a closed off area with an injured person whom she knows. At some point she discovers that the person is, perchance, a vampire. More often than naught, authors have the girls initiate some tyraid about the vampire killing them or stealing their soul or what-not. Now, I know little to nothing about the supernatural outside of what books say, but if this person is injured and bleeding, they’ll need blood, correct? And as a vampire, this person could have forcibly taken it from you, si? So why, on God’s great big wide Earth, do you think this person is going to wait until the brink of death or a considerably weakened state to try to kill you for your blood? In the words of Nolan from So Random: “Use your croissant; think, THINK!”

3] The Innocents [a.k.a. the Idiots (sounds better with a Nigerian accent)]: Oh, these girls…. I’d like to be nice and say that I like them but then I’d just be lying through my teeth. They are marginal in quantity but can still make one want to bang their head on the wall. These are the girls who call for the police for safety [no offense to our law enforcers but these are fantasy books], scream for help instead of fighting back, act as if they have never watched a horror movie [you get the idea], or ignore the warnings they are given and prance into the line of danger practically wearing a “Kill Me” sign.

My blantant dislike for these personality types are what led me to create the main character for the book I’m writing. Here’s me hoping that it’s good.

Random Quote

I found this quote while reading a book review during my “new books to read hunt”:
“Love is a temporary insanity curable by marriage, as they say. It fucks people up.”Lucien from Knight and Stay
[I don’t plan on reading the book, but the Good Reads review that I got this from was really good.]
Isn’t that so romantic?….. and frickin’ true. How could a teenage girl know this, you may wonder. Well, I’m quite insane and there’s a guy so……..

Hot Guys

Top 5 Hot Guys List (My POV):

1) Jaime Campbell Bower [especially as Jace in The Mortal Instruments]

2) Zac Efron

3) Tom Hiddleston [especially as Loki in The Avengers]

4) Johnny Depp[he’s just plain good-looking]

5) My crush [of course he made this list!]