‘Shadowhunters’ Update: Cassandra Clare Meets With The Network — And It’s Good News!


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There have been a lot of discouraging rumors surrounding the Shadowhunters television show, but leave it to Cassandra Clare to calm our anxiety.

Cassie is in Los Angeles attending meetings for the Shadowhunters television show, and from what she has to say, it sounds like good news!

Below are some of the highlights from her tweets, including a promise we’ll soon know when the show will be airing, an official filming start, and squashing some of those horrible rumors that have been floating around.

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Being mad.
It’s not craziness
Not insanity.
It’s the hibernating monster inside if each of us
Breaking out for one split second,
One moment,
One day.
It gets harder and harder to be contained,
This monster devouring my soul,
Leaving me empty.
The source of my depression-
My sanity-
My pain and comfort.

Staring at the yellow toy car
The me from another time thinks:
“I want that”
The madness claws at my throat
Pushing the angel to do the devil’s working
Pushing me to get. That. Car.
I don’t know who I am anymore.
I sing about it
Talk about it
Think about it
Dream about it.
But you wouldn’t know
Because you no longer listen.

My blanket.

Good Future/Beautiful


Always staying the same
Yet still changing, fluctuating.
Like voices in a choir
Seeming to fit each song,
Each mold,
Each stigma.
Readjusting for each person’s preference,
Accounting for their taste.
Yet always meaning the same thing as they originally did.
Changing with the tone,
The usage,
The intentions.
Painful even when not.
Sharp like a shell,
Smooth as a pebble.
Solid like a mountain,
As liquid as a brook.
Dangerous to some,
Necessary to others.
But it is not the written word that holds the most power.
It is the spoken one,
Where a person invokes life into the words.
Where everything is really felt.

Good Future/Beautiful

Simply Words

Chisel at my Soul

[Song taken from: Lose my Soul by Toby Mac]

The paparazzi flashes,
I’m scared of the dark,
And that they think that it’s you,
But you’d never know.
But they don’t know that who you are is not what you do,
I am intelligent, but I’m so much more than a smart mind
True, we get it twisted when we peak at the charts,
Society warps me into a different person than I was before
Yo before we part from the start,

Where’s your heart?

You a pimp, hustler? Tell me what’s your title,
Your title holds no value to me. I make my own name and won’t answer to yours.
America has no more stars,
Those stars that I made wishes on, leaned on for strength,
Now we call them idols,
Now they’re tools to chisel away at me, the real me.
You sit idle,
I don’t want to be a bystander,
While we teach prosperity,
Watching while the morals our country was built on get brainwashed away,
The first thing to prosper should be inside of me.
I want to be my own hero.


“I love you.”
Three simple words that lose their value with each passing day.
“I’m in love with you.”
Four words that I long for a guy to say.
“I need you.”
Says that he will cherish me in every way.
“I miss you.”
Saying how much he wants me to stay.
Like one deaf to the world
I wish with all my heart to hear those from the one I love.
Yet, I fear that he is blind to me.

Words of Love