Catholicism in my Life

I was listening to the radio today, and one women was commenting on how apalled she was that anyone could call themselves a born again Christian and be Catholic. Now, I’m not sure what others might say about their beliefs, but I’m a Catholic firstly because I was born into it. Secondly because I’m Nigerian and we are intense in our faith. Thirdly, I’m Catholic because God put me in this position. If God tells me to move to a different denomination, I’ll do that. I follow God, not the judgement of man. Furthermore, if you haven’t ever been Catholic, you might not understand all of their doctrines. Granted, I also have my skepticisms, but again, I follow the word and teachings of God. I won’t act on what I don’t believe. However, saying that you’re apalled at Catholics and condemning them doesn’t make you a better person. It makes you about as bad as terrorists who say that if you don’t follow their beliefs, you deserve to die.

I don’t encourage judgemental behavior. I am pretty mellow about others’ beliefs and lifestyles because it’s basically not my place to judge. It’s God’s. Any negative feelings I have for another will affect how people view me and how I view myself. So I won’t encourage something that is against my faith, but, because I don’t know the mind of God, I can’t condemn it either. Since no one can read the mind if God, no one can say what is really wrong or right.



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