The season changes:
Life to laughter,
Rain to sun,

Yet I remain the same.
Stuck with my old fears and worries,
Yet with no one to tell them to.
My silence speaks a thousand words,
But my screams speak louder.

Hollow screams.
Blank screams.
A blank book holds no message.
I am a blank book
I have a message:
Find me.
Find it.
Give me
A reason

Seasonal Changes


Grave Marking Series

First book: Marked by the Grave
Ashlynn McGreggor knows she isn’t normal. She hasn’t been for a while. So why does she feel so strange around Dmitri, the vampire who comissioned her to help him. Unfortunately, nothing this good comes easily and Dmitri’s father, Viktor, is hiding secret about his past.
Dmitri’s past is hidden by his father out of love—or so he thought. But higher powers are at work and they insist on letting destiny run its course.
In the midst of all this emotional turmoil and drama, real trouble brews. There is a rogue vampire on the loose who’s turning people at every corner. An army of rogue vampires is rising quickly. Even worse, the culprit is someone close to Viktor and Dmitri. However, everything is not as it seems.

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Boredom is a disease.
Zaniness is the cure.


If I wished
On a star
For your love
Would you give it to me?
Come too far
Just getting you
To notice me

I could jump and scream everyday
But would you even notice me?
Make me feel like I’m a queen
Just look
Don’t look through me

I want to be your starlight
Your star
The only star that you’ll see forever
Your starlight
Your star
But wish I may
And wish I might
Will I be the one you see at night?

Boredom is a disease.
Zaniness is the cure.