Nashville Farmers’ Market||From My View


Turning onto Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, the first part of it you’ll probably notice are the sculptures of giant corn ears in the front. When you actually step inside, just like a couple that I passed, you’ll probably be thinking, “This place is huge!” And it’s true.

Stepping into the Market House is like dipping your toe into a different country with each step. Nevermind that the International Market does have items from around the world. Each restaurant in the Market House has its own unique feel, from Chinese food to Mexican food, crepes to po’boys,

Stepping out the side door to the outdoor market into the brisk October air, you have but to look ahead to see your next adventure. Color after color gives you the feeling that you’re no longer in the bustling city of Nashville, Tennessee: you’re now in the pumpkin patch or wading through miles of farmland. Though the air is chilly, the warmth of the vendors’ smiles and the vibrant colors give off a warm feeling. You can’t help but smile back.
Their produce is quite similar while still having their own personalities. I strolled past several vendors selling pumpkins. “It doesn’t matter. Every pumpkin is just like another.” Right? Until you come here. Big, small, orange, yellow, white, green, or grey. Some “so weird-looking that they’re beautiful,” in the words of one woman I passed. Others are dressed up in time for Halloween.






Then there are the samples. Not many vendors do this since most just sell vegetables. But the ones that do, their food is divine. The cheese is aged to perfection, tangier than anything you’d find in a store. The spicy pork comes on strong and ends with a bang–this coming from someone who doesn’t like really spicy foods.wpid-2015-10-03-10.13.16.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-10-03-10.14.30.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-10-03-10.13.43.jpg.jpeg


This is the wonderful experience your senses will receive when you step into the Nashville, TN Farmers’ Market. As for you yourself… well, this is something that you’ll have to experience in person.


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