Nashville Farmers’ Market||From My View

Day II: Kids’ Craft Area
A sunnier morning than my previous visit, today was a perfect example of an autumn day. At least it was from my perspective.
Setting up the Kids’ Craft Area, I was surrounded by fall’s favorite color: orange. Now, I normally dislike that color, but having such a warm, autumnal feeling really helped the kids get in touch with their inner artist. As I was setting up, one woman passed by amd commented on pumpkin painting, “I do this all the time with my grandkids; it’s really fun.” I myself painted two pumpkins and loved watching the kids paint. The before pictures of the Craft Area:





I unfortunately don’t have a picture of the mess that the table became, but I do have some pictures of the pumpkins some kids painted.

And here are my two pumpkins:


Each child has a different style: one boy bent down low to get eye-to-eye with his scary-faced pumpkin, one girl painted hers white with tiny black polkadots, while another girl (a cheerful little ray of sunshine) went psychadelic with her pumkin before experimenting with colors and finally painting the whole pumpkin periwinkle. In the end the whole table was one giant mess of paint splatters, but I went home smiling after being able to be a part of such a fun activity with some lovely kids.

Also, if you’re ever down in shed two, see if Linda is cooking donuts. They were divine sustenance and perfect for such a cold day.


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