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Nashvillean Kisses Tea


2 tbsps Brown Sugar (don’t go overboard)

1 1/2 tbsps Creamer (liquid form; if you don’t have any, you can use 1/2 a tsp of vanilla extract and 1 tsp milk)

1 Tea Bag (green tea works best in my opinion, but lemon grass and other ordinary teas are good, too)

1 Teacup of Water

1 Empty Mug (to transfer the tea to)

Any extra water needed to cool

1 tbsp Sweetened Condensed Milk <–Most Important Ingredient


  1. Mix the sugar, creamer, and condensed milk in the empty mug
  2. Warm the teacup of water until it’s relatively hot and add the tea bag
  3. Pour the tea and into the mug and mix thoroughly
  4. Add additional cold water to cool down if necessary