Tears in Life

[Song: Chasing the Sun by The Wanted]

They guide my fears
They watch my tear streaks.
For all our problems,
They always want to blame me.
A scapegoat,
Can’t escape the responsibility.
They never care
As long as they’re not scared, but me.

He doesn’t see others,
He only sees me.
He says that I’m the problem
But never that he hates me.
He claims love,
Yet always discriminates.
The youngest get his love,
The older are too late.

I never wished for much,
But can’t you see me?
Love has always meant so much
To me.
I’ll always love you,
As you can see.
But I don’t think you’re good for me.

I love you, Daddy, but I can’t be near you anymore.

I love you family, but I see that I’ll never truly have your support.

I’ll drift along alone, looking for that special one.

And maybe then I will see the real sun.

Ave Atque Vale.


Hot Guys

Top 5 Hot Guys List (My POV):

1) Jaime Campbell Bower [especially as Jace in The Mortal Instruments]

2) Zac Efron

3) Tom Hiddleston [especially as Loki in The Avengers]

4) Johnny Depp[he’s just plain good-looking]

5) My crush [of course he made this list!]


[Song: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson]

Fifteen years ago on this day, a little girl was born.
She started out innocent and sweet. She found a love for books, fantasy, and romance. She learned about loyalty and perserverance. She learned to trust God in all things. She felt invincible, but, slowly, life caught up to her.
She felt out of place at school: her weight, her style, her accent. She fell for guys a lot (foolishly), made a lot of mistakes, and became a hollow shell. Bleak, dejected, and broken.
Fifteen years ago, that girl wasn’t broken.
Fifteen years ago, that girl was me.

Today, that girl knows that love is truly awesome and awaits her day to walk down the aisle. She tries harder to accept herself and chooses to ignore the judgements of others. She remembers the importance of friends and family. She never lost her love of books, fantasy, or romance. She has a dream to become an author whose books people will fangirl and threaten her over. Because it shows they care. None of this is to say that girl isn’t broken anymore. She still is. But she tries. That girl still craves the attention that her old boyfriends gave her, but she’s willing to wait.

Today, that girl soars.
Today, that girl is me.

End of Freshman Year

With 10 more days in the school year, I want to remember things…. MEMORY LANE TIME!!!



  1. Got the #1 English teacher at school
  2. Learned that not all geometry is horrible (just the proofs)
  3. Got asked out by my four-year crush (SQUEEAAA!!!)
  4. Said NO to dating my four-year crush
  5. Hated my parents
  6. Got closer to my siblings
  7. Gotten more in tune with myself




So sweet, no?

Adieu >w<