Stories/Recent reads

  • My own story:
  1. First Bloom(manga)
  2. Mark of the Grave (novel)
  3. Wonderland (novel series and manga)
  • Recent Reads:
  1. Usotsuki Lily- cross dressing, romance, conflict, drama (+10)
  2. Kimi ni Todoke- comdey, school life, romance, drama (+10)
  3. Junai Tokkou Taichou- mild violence, romance, comedy (+8)
  4. Heroes of Olympus- action, romance, comedy (+10)
  5. Orange Marmalade- romance, supernatural (only a bit), comedy, drama, school life (+10)
  6. Sukitte Ii Nayo- romance, drama, manga (+10)
  7. Night Huntress series- supernatural, adult fiction, romance (+10)
  8. Kigurumi Boueitai- fantasy, romance, shoujo (+10) (ongoing)

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