“Death Signed” Brief Explanation

So, yeah…

Death Signed” is about something I’m working through right now. I don’t want to tell any of my friends about it until it’s resolved, but it’s hard to keep this much upset inside.

Make sure to tell your friends/kids: find a person who thinks like you. Find a person who would never threaten you. Find a person who would never threaten with or joke about death. Suicide is serious. Death is serious. If the person you call a friend can’t respect what you call serious, get out and get away. They’re not a true friend and it’s not worth it to struggle, cry, lie, and cover up to please them. Being alone is never bad. It won’t last long. Trust me. But it’s better to be you and alone than to fake yourself and be surrounded by people. Always.


Death Signed

At first it was great
Someone to talk to
Someone who listened
To listen to.
But that was at first.
When we weren’t together so much
Around as much
Friends as much.
Somewhere along the way,
Somehow one day,
You wanted more.
You wanted me as a friend
Best friend
It was too much.
Being with you became too much.
No longer was it the slow approach
Of two different animals
Contemplating friendship.
It was a struggle each day
To smile genuinely.
I indulged you.
Like one would a child
Who holds a gun,
Trigger finger ready
Ready to shoot anyone
Now when I say it’s over
You turn the trigger
On yourself.
A warning to me.
To say that you own me?
Now I realize
You never knew me.
Because if you did,
You’d never

My erratic semester

Hi again. Sorry that I’ve been MIA for a few months. It’s just that sophomore year has kept me on my toes. Where do I even start with this….
·Well, I have two classes with the guy I like. I never thought that a crush would ruin my life, but it has. I’m naturally weird around guys and he makes me even weirder. To the point that I stop breathing around him.
· I’m excitedly awaiting the release of the second Mortal Instruments movie, City of Ashes. Contrary to previous beliefs, they are continuing the series. I mean,
why wouldn’t they? They left off City of Bones with Jace and Clary as siblings. Talk about a torturous ending. [I think that it would’ve been cool to make the Mortal Instruments books and Cassandra Clare’s other books into TV series]
·I’m on Homecoming Court! At my school, we have a whole seperate assembly where the different grade courts do seperate dances (seniors also add in skits). Us sophomores are doing the swing to “All About that Bass” by Megan Trainor. Girls had to get royal blue dresses (freshmen: black dresses; no junior court; seniors: white dresses). Went on a whole mall trip with my gal pals to find the perfect dress and shoes. I even met my low budget (thanks to Mum. Love ya <3)

Gonna look fab in my dress. I might or might not upload q pucture of me in it later