Racial Misgivings

Racial Misgivings.

It’s the Christmas season. Yet, when I watch the news, I see protesters turning into rioteers, innocent policemen being killed, and people taking advantage of the protests to loot businesses. I know the main concern of the common folk is that their brethren are being murdered unjustly. But let’s look at the facts:
-A few (small but not an insignificant amount) of the black men shot were shot out of self defense. They WERE armed and accustomed to their weapon of choice.
-It is COMPLETELY LEGAL for an officer to shoot to kill if a person is threatening them with a weapon. Shooting to injure would lead to an unsubstantial lawsuit against the officer made by the “victim” of the shot.

I understand that many times the officers overstepped their boundaries. But why should the innocent have to pay for their crimes. Oh no, I don’t mean the families of their victims. I mean their fellow officers who, maybe it just so happens, have consciences telling them how to act lawfully. Yes, the dead black men deserve justice. But who are you to decide who lives or dies? No one died and made you God.
Also, keep in mind that racism works both ways. I bet that none of the officers targeted were black, yet there are also misguided black policemen out there.
Pray for all those lost before they could see 2015.